What to do in Port Townsend

Sojourn at the Old Consulate Inn as you explore, discover, indulge, and delight.

  • Port Townsend Waterfront
  • Townsend Bay with sail boat

About Port Townsend

The Old Consulate Inn is nestled on a bluff overlooking Port Townsend, Washington. Port Townsend is the second oldest town in Washington State and one of only four national historic seaports in the United States. Port Townsend provides an excellent hub for exploring the Olympic Peninsula's mountains, wilderness areas, rain forests, and wild beaches, as well as Whidbey Island, the San Juan Islands, Seattle, and Victoria, Canada. The area is renowned for its restored Victorian homes, artist communities, galleries, fine restaurants, beautiful parks, clamming beaches, hiking trails, and complete access to all sea sports.

Port Townsend, "Victorian Seaport and Arts Community," provides a haven for artists and craftsfolk, musicians and writers with annual festivals drawing devotees and enthusiasts from around the world. To name just a few:

Much more information on Port Townsend and the Olympic Peninsula can be found at the following sites:

For the latest information on arts and events, as well as news take a look at The Port Townsend Leader OnLine, the local Port Townsend newspaper.

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