Directions to the Old Consulate Inn from the South

Directions from Tacoma and Points South

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Address: 313 Walker St, Port Townsend, WA 98368
Arguably the easiest way to get to Port Townsend from anywhere. No scenic ferry rides or chainsaw sculpture, just woods, highway, and Bremerton.

  1. Choose your point of origin:
    • From SeaTac Airport/points north: Follow signs for I-5 South. Yes, you're driving south to go north. It's faster.
    • From points south: Follow I-5 north. If you see the Tacoma Dome, you've gone too far.
  2. Take WA-16 West (exit 132) towards Sprague Ave / Gig Harbor / Bremerton. Frequently under construction and prone to chaos, this is good place to keep your wits about you. From here on it's pretty simple. Set your trip-o-meter here and now.
  3. The highway turns into WA-3 West as you curve around the Sound. Steady on.
  4. Follow WA-3. As the trip-o-meter will approach 53 miles watch for WA-104. If you failed to set your trip-o-meter you can either go back to #2 and start over or watch for the big signs for the Hood Canal Bridge and WA-104.
  5. Cross the bridge and continue on WA-104.
  6. Turn right onto WA-19 / Beaver Valley Rd. Watch for horses, llamas, goats, and bison. Beavers, not so much.
  7. Highway 19 becomes Highway 20 without much fanfare. Carry on.
  8. Highway 20 curves a bit and changes names to Glen Cove and the W. Sims Way. You enter the greater Port Townsend metropolitan area.
  9. Go "straight" through two round-abouts. These provide fair warning that you are approaching your destination.
  10. Just past a second light on Sims Way on Kearny St is a left turn lane going up a hill. Get in the left lane and head uphill on Washington St. (Port Townsend loves its presidents) towards the white lighthouse. Almost there.
  11. At the top of the hill, turn left onto Walker St. and park. On street parking is quite safe. You have arrived.